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Home Inspections OKC: How to tell is a window seal has failed (And how to fix it)

Lower you heating bill and keep your home warm with Home Inspections OKC.

Home Inspections OKC knows that drafty windows can lead to some major heating charges if they’re not taken care of. Improperly sealed windows can run up your energy bill and put un-needed strain on your heating system. Making a failure more likely and leaving you with a cold, drafty home. No matter how well made your window is, over time all windows will eventually fail and start to become less insulating. Here are some red flags to look for improperly sealed windows.

Moisture on the window: Fogging, Hazing, or general moisture in-between the panes of your window are a strong indication that your seal has failed. Consider repairing or replacing the window if your see this.

Glass Distortion: This test works better on larger panes of glass. Stand outside and look at your windows. If one of your windows seems to distort things more than the others it’s a good sign that the window with the distortion is losing it’s seal.

Now you know what to look for, but what do you do when you find it?

Replace it: The most expensive, but also the most effective way to fix the problem is simply to replace the window. Now, such an extreme measure is usually not necessary as their are a couple of cheaper options that don’t require ripping a window out of your house.

Call in a Warranty: If your window is still under warranty, you can usually call it in and have just the affected pane replaced. Simple and it usually doesn’t cost you much, if anything.

Call a Defogging Company: A defogging company can also repair the window pane in question by putting a moisture release valve in your window, whether or not this is worth it is a matter of debate though.

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