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Home Inspections OKC: Why floods can happen anywhere

Home Inspections OKC: Why you should always be wary of floods

Behind fires, floods are the most common natural disaster in the world. Even if you don’t live in a flood plane, flash floods can occur from particularly rainy days and can fill your home in minutes. If you live near a lake or a dam you could also be at risk. Lakes can flood very quickly and dams can break causing severe flooding very quickly. Most people don’t think about their house flooding until it’s too late. Being prepared for a flood can be crucial to saving your home and maybe your life! Home Inspections OKC as a few tips about how you can prepare for a flash flood, especially as we enter the rainy season of Oklahoma.

Pack a survival kit: A good idea in general, especially as tornado season approaches, is to pack a survival kit for you and your family. This kit should contain not only supplies but several pieces of information as well including:

  • First Aid Kit plus essential medicines
  • Map with several safe locations you can go to. Like a friend’s house or a shelter.
  • Instructions for where and how to turn off electricity, gas, and water if it is authorized to shut these off.
  • Canned food and can opener
  • At least 3 gallons of water per person
  • Battery powered radio and flashlight plus batteries

Watch for signs: If it’s been raining hard for several hours, or even days, keep an eye on water levels around your home. Also pay attention to weather services. There are 2 kinds of flood warnings: A Flood Watch is the first kind and only means that a flash flood is possible in your area. A Flood Warning means a flash flood is occurring or will occur very soon.

As the rain comes to Oklahoma, make sure your home is water tight with Inside Out Home inspections, Home Inspections OKC, today!


home inspections okc

Home Inspections OKC: How to get the most out of an inspection

Home Inspections OKC: Being active during and after an inspection

Home Inspections are a great way to highlight potential problems and issues with a home. But if you don’t play an active roll in the process the benefits can be limited. Here are some tips to get the most out of your home inspections:

Be there for the inspection: Many people don’t know that you can actually be present for a home inspection, in fact, most good inspectors will expect to see you there. Being present at the inspection will let the inspector explain to you in detail what’s a big deal and what’s not. It also allows them to know that you know full well what the report is saying. In addition, it protects against corner cutting if your there to make sure your inspector is getting all the areas they need to.

Ask Questions: Unless you build houses for a living, you probably don’t know the ins and outs of building a home. If your inspector is explaining something to you and you’ve got no idea what they’re saying it helps nobody. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, a good inspector will always answer your questions and explain what they’re doing along the way. If you don’t understand what an inspector just told you, ask. Don’t let something go just because your too scared to ask.

Make sure Utilities are turned on: For most homes, it’s the seller’s responsibility to have the utilities turned on for an inspection. However, for certain homes (foreclosures especially) it’s the buyer’s responsibility to make sure utilities are turned on. The inspection will still happen if they’re on or off but you will be missing valuable information if the utilities are off when the inspection is performed.

If your in the market for a new home and need an inspection, give Sharpshooters, Home Inspections OKC, a call today at 405-538-6007!

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Home Inspections OKC: Keeping your pipes from bursting

Home Inspections OKC talks about keeping your pipes safe during winter.

Winter is here! And it’s frozen! There are many problems to keep aware of in the winter but one of the most important is making sure your pipes are protected from bursting. Home Inspections OKC is here with a few tips on keeping your pipes safe this winter.

Pipes burst because they can’t handle the water in them freezing. When water freezes, it expands. If a pipe is old or made of less than stellar materials this expansion will prove too much for the pipe. A burst pipe will spill water out continuously until it’s patched. This not only costs you a fortune on your water bill, it can also cause severe water damage to the areas of your house where the pipes burst. In addition, mold and mildew can become a problem if the water is allowed to sit for too long. So, how can you keep your pipes safe from a freezing winter this year?

Add Insulation: In the attic and basement especially, adding insulation can keep these often exposed pipes warm and safe from freezing.

Remove and store outdoor hoses: Removing, draining and storing outdoor hoses, close the indoor valve supplying water to outdoor hose bibs, and keep these outdoor valves open to drain the remaining water and keep expanding water from bursting the pipe.

Open Kitchen and Cabinet Doors: Pipes are often located inside cabinets. Keeping your kitchen and bathroom cabinets open will allow warm air to circulate through these parts of your house and help keep the water in those pipes warm.

55 F: If your going away for a few days, keeping the temperature in your home to around 55 F is usually enough to keep your pipes from freezing over while you are away.

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Window- Home Inspections OKC

Home Inspections OKC: How to tell is a window seal has failed (And how to fix it)

Lower you heating bill and keep your home warm with Home Inspections OKC.

Home Inspections OKC knows that drafty windows can lead to some major heating charges if they’re not taken care of. Improperly sealed windows can run up your energy bill and put un-needed strain on your heating system. Making a failure more likely and leaving you with a cold, drafty home. No matter how well made your window is, over time all windows will eventually fail and start to become less insulating. Here are some red flags to look for improperly sealed windows.

Moisture on the window: Fogging, Hazing, or general moisture in-between the panes of your window are a strong indication that your seal has failed. Consider repairing or replacing the window if your see this.

Glass Distortion: This test works better on larger panes of glass. Stand outside and look at your windows. If one of your windows seems to distort things more than the others it’s a good sign that the window with the distortion is losing it’s seal.

Now you know what to look for, but what do you do when you find it?

Replace it: The most expensive, but also the most effective way to fix the problem is simply to replace the window. Now, such an extreme measure is usually not necessary as their are a couple of cheaper options that don’t require ripping a window out of your house.

Call in a Warranty: If your window is still under warranty, you can usually call it in and have just the affected pane replaced. Simple and it usually doesn’t cost you much, if anything.

Call a Defogging Company: A defogging company can also repair the window pane in question by putting a moisture release valve in your window, whether or not this is worth it is a matter of debate though.

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Tips to prepare for Fall with Home Inspections OKC

Fall is here and Sharpshooters Home Inspections OKC is here to help Fall-Proof your home.

Fall can really wreak havoc on a home. From leaves filling gutters to pests looking for shelter from the cold, your home takes quite a beating in this beautiful season. Here are some tips from Home Inspections OKC to help get your home, and your wallet, through Fall.

Seal up Windows:

Heating and Cooling can account for up to 47% of a home’s energy costs. Proper sealing and insulation of your windows can reduce your annual energy bill by up to 10%! Air leaks in your windows and doors can be found be running your hand over these areas and feeling for drafts. Holes and gaps can be filled with Caulk to help better seal your home. Keeping cold air out and warm air in, or vice versa.

Check and Clean your gutters:

Keep your gutters clear of debris to keep them in working order. If your gutters can accommodate them, consider adding leaf guards to make the job easier. Don’t forget to check the corners of your gutters as this can hide blockages that keep your gutters from working properly. Clearing out debris like this also give pests fewer places to hide in your home.

Have your Chimney Inspected before you use it:

There’s nothing like the crackling of a real wood fire in Fall and Winter. Just be sure to have your chimney checked and cleaned before you use it this season. Burning wood creates a by-product known as Creosote. Left unchecked it can build up to dangerous levels and cause a very serious chimney fire. In addition, chimney’s can become clogged and not vent smoke properly causing smoke damage and potential carbon dioxide problems.

Sharpshooters Home Inspections OKC can inspect your homes, wells, and septic systems for damage. Give us a call today at 405-538-6007!

Fall- OKC Pest Control

4 Fall Bug Problems That Our OKC Pest Control Team Can Tackle

OKC Pest Control For Fall Bugs That Are Bugging You

It’s October and that means a lot of fall fun is bound to be had, but first you have to make sure the area is pest free, otherwise it just might ruin your merriment! There are quite a few bugs still active during this time and today our OKC pest control team will be letting you know about 4 common ones that we’ve been able to help homeowners get rid of!

1.) Flies: Many types of flies have reached their maximum population by this time and homeowners have noticed them hanging around. It’s bothersome when they’re buzzing all around your house and in your yard as you’re trying to enjoy the many fall festivities.

2.) Carpenter Ants: This species of ant is most problematic when the weather gets cooler, because they will make the walls of a home their resting place for their entire colony! This, inevitably, does structural damage to the walls of the home.

3.) Wasps: After a busy summer of building up nests, wasps that are still active in the fall are most likely seeking food which is insufficient due to resources dwindling. Be careful of accidental stings when coming into contact with hungry wasps.

4.) Stink Bugs: The stink bug will let off a smelly odor similar to pungent coriander as a defense mechanism. Imagine having an entire group of stink bugs seeking shelter from the cooler temperatures. You may be in for a foul smelling fall if these little guys invade your home

Sharp Shooter Inspection Service and Pest Control LLC. is known for both home inspections OKC and pest control services! That being said, if you have noticed any insect activity this fall, please don’t hesitate to give our OKC pest control team a call. We’d be more than happy to help control your bug problems so that your home can remain pest free this fall.

Our OKC pest control team can be reached 405-538-6007.

Pest control- Home Inspections OKC

Home Inspections OKC & Pest Control For Fall Preparation

Rain Making Way For Interesting Home Inspections & Pest Control Needs

Have you wondered why there are still so many pesky bugs still active at this time of the year? Our pest control and home inspections OKC team knows that during warm spring and summer months the ants, flies, wasps, spiders, and other creepy bugs have something in common; they need time to reproduce! The reason you usually start to see more pests in warmer months is because they’ve had more time to lay enough eggs and potentially produce thousands of babies. With Oklahoma’s crazy weather this year ranging from wet, damp, rainy days all the way to the extremely and unusually warm days in between it’s no wonder the fluctuating temperatures made the perfect “storm” for incubating a staggering amount of reproduction for various insect species.

Did you know it only takes one burst of wet weather, for example, to create a breeding ground for flies? The astonishing part is that flies have the capability of laying up to 900 eggs! The offspring can then hang around for nearly a month afterwards. Annoying, right? If you’ve seen an increase in flies around your home in the last few weeks, it could be a result of rainy days all the way back from the beginning of August. On the other hand, many bugs start to make their way out of their resting places when temperatures become more stable and when weeds, flowers, and grass are still alive to help the insects have places to hide and feast.

This is why after the rainy month of August, the many bugs that usually are gone by early September have stuck around. With that being said, our home inspections OKC team have a little more to look our for when we look at a home for a customer as we have to watch for standing water or places that promote even more breeding of insects. That also means that our pest control side of the business is still in full action!

As we continue to stay relatively busy this season to ward off the bugs of the last season, we’re also going to be preparing our customers for the fall. If you’re in need of assistance with checking out a home you might want to purchase, please schedule your appointment with our home inspections OKC team as soon as possible to secure a spot.

Our pest control and home inspections OKC team will be serving the OKC metro area and we’d love to add your home to our list of stops to help keep your yard protected. You can reach out to Sharp Shooter Home Inspections at 405-538-6007 to get started with your pest control and home inspections OKC services this September!

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Home Inspections OKC: The Importance Of Proper Windows

Home Inspections OKC: Explaining Egress Windows

When our home inspections OKC team is out looking at potential problems in a home one of the items on our checklist is whether there are “proper” windows. When we say proper we mean windows that follow today’s regulation codes.

If your home is older, then you may not realize that your windows do not meet the current safety standards. Even some newer homes may not be up to par with the code.

Our home inspections OKC team doesn’t check the windows to be bothersome, but instead to ensure safety. The fact is that egress windows are a requirement for homes that are now being built and, perhaps, should be considered for installment in older homes for safety reasons.

What does “egress” mean?

The word egress is Latin. It’s defined as “a way to get out of a place or the act of leaving a place”.

Egress windows are meant for emergency exiting or rescue. While completing our home inspections OKC checklist, we often see windows that not even a normal sized child could squeeze out of. You might be surprised just how many people don’t have an emergency exit plan from their bedrooms, or a way to exit from their bedrooms safely in case of a fire.

By today’s standards every residential sleeping room is required to have at least one operable window or exterior door approved for emergency exit in case of a fire. The egress windows are also required in basements with habitable space. Even if you have a basement without sleeping space, it would still be safe to have one installed. I would like to share with you from a home inspections OKC perspective more about egress windows; how they measure, why they’re beneficial and how they should function.

1.) The minimum net clear opening height must be 24 inches and the minimum net clear opening width must be 20 inches. An egress window must also have a sill height no more than 44” above the finished interior floor. It has to be large enough for you to get out of or a fully dressed fire fighter to get into!Egress

2.) Not only are they meant for safety, but egress windows are economical, because they are adding value to your home. They may also be more energy efficient than your current windows which could be allowing drafts of air in.

3.) The egress window must be operable from the inside to a full clear opening without the use of a key, tool, or special knowledge.

Any way you choose to look at it, egress windows are essential lifesaving equipment.

Final thoughts from our home inspections OKC team:

If you’re replacing a smaller window with a larger one that meets egress requirements, keep in mind that enlarging the height of the opening takes less structural work than enlarging the width.

If you’re in need of a home inspection, feel free to give our home inspections OKC team a call. Sharp Shooter Inspection Service & Pest Control LLC can be reached at 405-538-6007.

Deer Tick- American Dog Tick- OKC Pest Control

OKC Pest Control For Killing Off Those Scary Ticks

OKC Pest Control Helps You Avoid Ticks!

We’re already well into the summer and ticks have been spotted in yards all over the Oklahoma City and Metro areas. This is why our OKC pest control team thought it would be important to inform our readers about 2 types of common ticks that have been making their presence very well known as well as the threat of diseases they carry.

A lot of people don’t ever think that a tick bite will really do anything to them, but the warning of diseases couldn’t be more real. The first type of common tick that our OKC pest control team would like to discuss is that of the deer tick, or the black-legged tick. This is the tick most known for carrying the infamous Lyme disease.

Symptoms of Lyme disease include: Fever, chills, sweats, muscle aches, fatigue, nausea, and joint pain. About 42% of cases are reported to have a bull’s-eye rash along with other symptoms. It can take anywhere from 3-30 days before symptoms even appear, but if Lyme disease is not diagnosed and treated early, it may become late-stage or chronic.

The other type of tick that our OKC pest control team would like to share information about is called the American dog tick. It is a lot more common around Oklahoma and carries tularemia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. There are several types of tularemia, but the most commonly contracted one is Ulceroglandular tularemia.

Symptoms of ulceroglandular tularemia include: A skin ulcer near the infection, swollen lymph glands, fever, chills, headache, and fatigue. Signs of illness normally appear within 3-5 days of the bite. Sometimes, it can take up to 14 days to notice reactions.

Symptoms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever include: Severe headache, high fever, chills, muscles aches, nausea and vomiting, restlessness, insomnia, and a rash on the wrists and ankles (usually after a few days). It takes generally up to 14 days before symptoms show up. This bacterial infection is very serious and can to damage to internal organs, such as kidneys and the heart if not treated promptly!

Now, does any of that sound like something you want to put up with? Our OKC pest control team surely wouldn’t want anyone to suffer from these horrible conditions. To prevent your yard from becoming a breeding ground for possible tick infected pests, please consider having your yard treated! Our OKC pest control team would be more than happy to help you protect you, your family, and your pets. Give us a call at 405-538-6007.

Home Inspections OKC- OKC Pest Control

Home Inspections OKC And Summer Pest Control Services

Sharp Shooter: The Home Inspections OKC & Pest Control Team

Imagine that you’re in the market to buy a new home. The last thing you’d want to see when walking through the yard is a swarm of insects, right? Luckily, our home inspections OKC and pest control team can take care of potential problems such as these during routine home inspection procedures. We have the upper hand, because after identifying an insect problem we are also equipped to take care of it so another pest control company doesn’t even have to be called!

Have you ever wondered why so many species of insects are more active during the summer months? Everything from ants, flies, wasps, and spiders love this humid weather Oklahoma has to offer and after the cold and rainy seasons they’ve had plenty of time to reproduce.

Besides, who doesn’t prefer to move around in the warmer months? It’s the same for house hunters looking to move. Most people do not like moving in the winter! For both the insect population and the common human behavioral preference to buy real estate in the summer, our home inspections OKC and pest control team is available to help.

As the busiest season comes to full swing, we do encourage you to schedule your OKC pest control appointment as soon as you can. While home inspections OKC is something we can usually squeeze in due to there being more time in between them, pest control schedules can get booked up rather quickly.

No matter what service you need help with, our home inspections OKC and pest control team will be serving the OKC Metro area and we’d love to add your home to our list of stops to help keep your yard free from critters (whether you’re buying, selling, or still living in the same home you have lived in for years).

You can reach out to Sharp Shooter Home Inspection Service & Pest Control at 405-538-6007 to get started with your next home inspection or pest control services this summer!