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Tips to prepare for Fall with Home Inspections OKC

Fall is here and Sharpshooters Home Inspections OKC is here to help Fall-Proof your home.

Fall can really wreak havoc on a home. From leaves filling gutters to pests looking for shelter from the cold, your home takes quite a beating in this beautiful season. Here are some tips from Home Inspections OKC to help get your home, and your wallet, through Fall.

Seal up Windows:

Heating and Cooling can account for up to 47% of a home’s energy costs. Proper sealing and insulation of your windows can reduce your annual energy bill by up to 10%! Air leaks in your windows and doors can be found be running your hand over these areas and feeling for drafts. Holes and gaps can be filled with Caulk to help better seal your home. Keeping cold air out and warm air in, or vice versa.

Check and Clean your gutters:

Keep your gutters clear of debris to keep them in working order. If your gutters can accommodate them, consider adding leaf guards to make the job easier. Don’t forget to check the corners of your gutters as this can hide blockages that keep your gutters from working properly. Clearing out debris like this also give pests fewer places to hide in your home.

Have your Chimney Inspected before you use it:

There’s nothing like the crackling of a real wood fire in Fall and Winter. Just be sure to have your chimney checked and cleaned before you use it this season. Burning wood creates a by-product known as Creosote. Left unchecked it can build up to dangerous levels and cause a very serious chimney fire. In addition, chimney’s can become clogged and not vent smoke properly causing smoke damage and potential carbon dioxide problems.

Sharpshooters Home Inspections OKC can inspect your homes, wells, and septic systems for damage. Give us a call today at 405-538-6007!

Fall- OKC Pest Control

4 Fall Bug Problems That Our OKC Pest Control Team Can Tackle

OKC Pest Control For Fall Bugs That Are Bugging You

It’s October and that means a lot of fall fun is bound to be had, but first you have to make sure the area is pest free, otherwise it just might ruin your merriment! There are quite a few bugs still active during this time and today our OKC pest control team will be letting you know about 4 common ones that we’ve been able to help homeowners get rid of!

1.) Flies: Many types of flies have reached their maximum population by this time and homeowners have noticed them hanging around. It’s bothersome when they’re buzzing all around your house and in your yard as you’re trying to enjoy the many fall festivities.

2.) Carpenter Ants: This species of ant is most problematic when the weather gets cooler, because they will make the walls of a home their resting place for their entire colony! This, inevitably, does structural damage to the walls of the home.

3.) Wasps: After a busy summer of building up nests, wasps that are still active in the fall are most likely seeking food which is insufficient due to resources dwindling. Be careful of accidental stings when coming into contact with hungry wasps.

4.) Stink Bugs: The stink bug will let off a smelly odor similar to pungent coriander as a defense mechanism. Imagine having an entire group of stink bugs seeking shelter from the cooler temperatures. You may be in for a foul smelling fall if these little guys invade your home

Sharp Shooter Inspection Service and Pest Control LLC. is known for both home inspections OKC and pest control services! That being said, if you have noticed any insect activity this fall, please don’t hesitate to give our OKC pest control team a call. We’d be more than happy to help control your bug problems so that your home can remain pest free this fall.

Our OKC pest control team can be reached 405-538-6007.

Deer Tick- American Dog Tick- OKC Pest Control

OKC Pest Control For Killing Off Those Scary Ticks

OKC Pest Control Helps You Avoid Ticks!

We’re already well into the summer and ticks have been spotted in yards all over the Oklahoma City and Metro areas. This is why our OKC pest control team thought it would be important to inform our readers about 2 types of common ticks that have been making their presence very well known as well as the threat of diseases they carry.

A lot of people don’t ever think that a tick bite will really do anything to them, but the warning of diseases couldn’t be more real. The first type of common tick that our OKC pest control team would like to discuss is that of the deer tick, or the black-legged tick. This is the tick most known for carrying the infamous Lyme disease.

Symptoms of Lyme disease include: Fever, chills, sweats, muscle aches, fatigue, nausea, and joint pain. About 42% of cases are reported to have a bull’s-eye rash along with other symptoms. It can take anywhere from 3-30 days before symptoms even appear, but if Lyme disease is not diagnosed and treated early, it may become late-stage or chronic.

The other type of tick that our OKC pest control team would like to share information about is called the American dog tick. It is a lot more common around Oklahoma and carries tularemia and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. There are several types of tularemia, but the most commonly contracted one is Ulceroglandular tularemia.

Symptoms of ulceroglandular tularemia include: A skin ulcer near the infection, swollen lymph glands, fever, chills, headache, and fatigue. Signs of illness normally appear within 3-5 days of the bite. Sometimes, it can take up to 14 days to notice reactions.

Symptoms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever include: Severe headache, high fever, chills, muscles aches, nausea and vomiting, restlessness, insomnia, and a rash on the wrists and ankles (usually after a few days). It takes generally up to 14 days before symptoms show up. This bacterial infection is very serious and can to damage to internal organs, such as kidneys and the heart if not treated promptly!

Now, does any of that sound like something you want to put up with? Our OKC pest control team surely wouldn’t want anyone to suffer from these horrible conditions. To prevent your yard from becoming a breeding ground for possible tick infected pests, please consider having your yard treated! Our OKC pest control team would be more than happy to help you protect you, your family, and your pets. Give us a call at 405-538-6007.